Vision and Mission of the Faculty

Faculty Vision

By 2029, Faculty of Pharmacy is aspired to be a center of excellence and reference for education and development of pharmaceutical science based on Islamic values.

Missions of Faculty of Pharmacy

  1. To organize the quality of educational governance by internalizing Islamic values.
  2. To build the expertise and sustainability of academic staffs.
  3. To realize the positive and strategic performance among educational associations and professions.

Objectives of Faculty of Pharmacy

  1. Realization of an accountable faculty governance to ensure the quality of education by utilizing information technology.
  2. Realization of the academic support and services in a holistic and Islamic basis.
  3. Uphold of the religiosity values in the academic process.
  4. Realization the determination of administrative and scientific management of academic staffs.
  5. Implementation a harmonic institutional output management using the Triple Helix model.
  6. Establishment of a faculty with social values.