Following are the latest updates for Desk, Pre-Presentation (Recitation of Quran) and Presentation Exam flow. As of August 22, 2020:

1. Flow for Registration & Implementation of Desk Evaluation Exams.

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Alur Ujian Desk Evaluation FFUMS

2. Flow for Registration & Implementation of Pre-Presentation Exam (Reciting Quran).

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Alur Ujian Pra Pendadaran-Agustus 2020

3. Flow for Registration & Implementation of Presentation Exam.

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Alur Ujian Pendadaran FFUMS

Followings are the links that we use during COVID-19 pandemic :

If you need a Total Research Cost or a Certificate of Completion of Research, you can go through the link :

To get a Publication Manuscript Ratification Sheet, you may go to the link :

If you need a thesis report through the link :

Download the Guidelines for Writing Thesis Proposals and Publication Manuscripts 2018 (in Bahasa)

We have several links that being used by Thesis Bureau of Pharmacy Faculty of Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta also :

  1. To download the complete exam file forms, please refer to the link :
  2. For title announcements, thesis reviewers and examiners can refer to the link :
  3. Thesis Bureau schedule updates can be seen at :
  4. The flow of submission of thesis titles & the flow of uploading independent Publication Manuscript can be seen at :
  5. Pharmacy Publication Manuscript template references can be downloaded at the link :
  6. For those who wish to submit an outgoing letter for research purposes, purchasing materials, ethical clearance, you can go through the form :