There are couple announcements which we want to share with you related with new semester Study Plan activity :

  1. Regarding SPP Payment, KRS Online, KRS revision period & lecture period, please refer to the following table :
    First Installment fee: 8 - 17 Februari 2021
    KRS Online: 10 - 17 Februari 2021
    Revision period: 8 - 13 Maret 2021
    First Lecture period: 22 Februari - 17 April 2021
  2. Credits collection for semester 2 students is carried out independently by the student concerned via, after consulting with Academic Advisors (PA). The Course Package for Semester 2 is in accordance with the one offered by the Study Program.
  3. Registering credits are done online by students and validated by PA lecturers through the webpage The prerequisite for doing KRS online is to have paid First Installment tuition fee.
  4. Students and Academic Advisors are allowed to communicate online during the online KRS filling period to consult regarding taking subjects.
  5. Print out of KRS is done independently by students via the webpage Students can ask for the signature of Academic Advisors for KRS, if needed
  6. Conditions for Taking SKS based on IP Even Semester Academic Year 2020-2021 :
    GPA SemesterMaximum credits can be taken
    GPA > 3, 20: 24 credits
    2,75 < GPA ≤ 3,20: 22 credits + 1 credit
    2,25 < GPA ≤ 2,75: 20 credits + 1 credit
    GPA ≤ 2,25: 18 credits + 1 credit

Thus we convey information, we will update the latest updates related to KRS on this page or through new posts on the Indonesian version of the pharmacy website.

Attached we convey the previous KRS guide during the last odd semester as a reminder. Unfortunately we provide it in Bahasa Indonesia.

Panduan KRS ONLINE 20201