Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb.

Following are the information you need to know about Final Exam rules :

  1. The E-UAS will be held on January 18-29, 2021 according to the validated schedule through the account of each course participant (MK).
  2. Exam participants MUST ensure the availability of facilities and personal readiness to be able to do e-UAS online.
  3. Exam participants MUST ensure that they have joined and can have access to the courses (MK) tested on the Schoology or Open Learning application. The subject access code being tested was the same as the subject at the time of the e-UTS, except for the Practical subject.  
  4.  The Schoology Course Practical subject access code will be announced later via website. Participants are requested to join immediately, using the access code that has been informed with deadline maximum of Friday January 15 2020. The access code will be reset after this deadline for administrative checking purposes by the committee.
  5. Only participants who meet a minimum attendance of 75% for each MK are eligible to take part in the Odd e-UAS 2020-2021.
  6. The default UAS Participant Login is, First Name: Full Name, Last Name: NIM (without brackets and other accessories).


Full name: Fulanah binti Fulan

NIM: K10017000

then the participant login is Fulan bint fulanah K10017000

Examinees who do not comply with the identity of the examinees will be deleted / removed of accounts associated  exam’s subject.

  1.  Participants who have joined the tested subject, do the process of uploading the exam card in Schoology to each MK in the space provided in the Exam Cards folder. The deadline for uploading the Test Card in each MK that is participated is a maximum of Saturday, January 16, 2021. The exam card can be downloaded independently by participants through the account of each participant at
  2. The process of uploading the Test Card is MANDATORY to be able to access the Exam Questions.
  3. Exam questions for each subject tested will be broadcast according to the schedule validated by BAA.
  4. The deadline for collecting exam results follows the setting timefor each course. Please pay attention to the submission deadline for each course.
  5.  If there are problems during the exam related to question access / exam work, please immediately contact the course lecturer when the exam session has NOT ended. If communication is made after the exam session has ended, it will be ignored.

There are few additional information related to final exam :

  • For Islam & Ipteks subject, although on the test card is scheduled on Monday, January 25th, 2021 but in fact, those subject will be tested on Monday, January 18th, 2021 by the time 2nd shift.
  • Below is the access code for Practical subject :
  • Nama MKKode Akses Schoology
    Elusidasi Struktur: FF4X-J4XW-KZFFF
    Praktikum AMK: 98M6-8X7K-HQ9HW
    Praktikum Farmakoterapi II: 4S9R-SXRF-WZ56H
    Praktikum KDL: HTCC-B56C-Q555C

Be happy on preparing the UAS, hopefully you will get satisfying results. Ask students to follow the updated information related to e-UAS through the website

Hopefully all of us will be given health so that we can carry out activities smoothly.  Aamiin.