During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Provisions of the Thesis Bureau followed the following provisions:

Announcement of Thesis Bureau


Following is the link to get the Ratification of Publication Manuscripts:

Download Buku Pedoman Penulisan Usulan Skripsi dan Naskah Publikasi 2018 
1.Registration Title
Students who are entitled to submit a Thesis Title must meet the following requirements:
a. Moderate or have taken the Research Methodology course
b. Have taken at least 99 credits
c. Total Total D value is a maximum of 20 creditspersyaratan sebagai berikut :
a. Sedang atau telah mengambil mata kuliah Metodologi Penelitian
b. Telah menempuh minimal 99 sks
c. Jumlah Total nilai D maksimal 20 sks
Fill in the title registration data in the link
Collecting forms in a yellow map:
a. Form supervisor willingness
b. Print Out screen shoot the title submitted in the SIS application.
c. Summary (Summary is also written in the "Description" column in the SIS account).
2.Registration of Desk Evaluation
Fill desk evaluation in this link
Has been uploaded the proposal and have been approved by the supervisor(Mahasiswa bisa mengupload jika sudah mengisi log bimbingan proposal minimal 3 kali)
Has been aproved desk evaluation by Supervisor
( Makes sure the supervisor to press button of "Daftar Ujian Proposal" in Supervisor's SIS account.
3.Pre-Exam Test Registration (Memorization Test of Qur'an)
Fill Pre-Exam Test Registration in this link
Students working on the thesis can register for the pre-awareness / rote memorization test no later than 1 month before the registration for the Awareness test.
4,Pendaftaran Ujian Terbuka Skripsi (Pendadaran)
Students fulfill the following requirements:
a. Has taken a minimum of 122 credits.
b. The total value of D is not more than 14 credits.
c. Course Rating:
Worship and Muamalah
Islam and science and technology, and
minimum C.
d. Students who want to graduate 3.5 years must have a minimum GPA of 3.00.
Fill the Exam Registration link in
Collecting forms in a blue map:
a. Research work control card.
b. SK Completed Research.
c. BA Pre-Awareness / Memorization Exams
Uploading the publication text that has been approved by the supervisor
(Students can upload if they have filled in the thesis guidance log at least 10 times. The guidance log can be filled in once a week and the guidance log)
It has been approved to register for the Awareness test by the Supervisor.
Ensure the Supervising Lecturer to click "Register for Pre-Awareness / Awareness Test" in the SIS account of the supervisor.
Register all stages of thesis (title registration, desk evaluation, pre-test pendadaran (memorization), pendadaran tests conducted every month, from January 25 until the end of the month, at 08:00 - 14:00 at the counter TU Pharmaceutical UMS.

The following is a list of links provided by the Thesis Faculty of Pharmacy UMS:

  1. To download the completed exam file forms, please refer to the link:
  2. For title announcements, reviewers and thesis examiners can refer to the link:
  3. Thesis Bureau Update can be seen at:
  4. The flow of submission of the thesis title & the flow of uploading Naspub Mandiri bus can be seen at:
  5. Reference templates for Pharmaceutical Publications can be downloaded at the link:
  6. For those who want to submit a letter out for research purposes, material purchases, ethical clearance, can be through the form: