FAQ Program Studi S-1 Farmasi (PSSF)

How to Register at Faculty of Pharmacy?

For registration, all majors in UMS are centralized through the ODS (One Day Service) system. Please refer to the website http://pmb.ums.ac.id/

Does the Bachelor Degree of Pharmacy (PSSF) accept transfer students?

Sorry, our Pharmacy S-1 Study Program does not accept transfer students. If transfers between study programs in the Department at UMS, only the General Basic Course (GBC) will be recognized.

How to Proses a KRS?

Students are expected to take the KRS form at the TU counter, then fill out and sign the Academic Advisor (PA), then do the KRS on the website http://star.ums.ac.id.

Students can print KRS at the TU Counter, by showing the KRS Offline Form (which has been signed by the PA).

I want to take Final Exam, how?

Please read the link that has been shared on the Thesis Bureau announcement board.

FAQ Program Studi Profesi Apoteker (PSPA)

How I can get information about the Registration of Pharmacyst Profession study?

Pharmacist registration is opened twice a year. For Non-UMS graduates, please check the website periodically between December-January & July-August.

What subjects are tested in the Pharmacist Profession Acceptance selection exam? by Maya

Please refer to the Announcement related to the Opening of the Pharmacist Professional. The information is in the attachment

Do you have to have the toefl certificate when you want to register or can the toefl certificate follow after passing the test? by Mani'ah Imaniyah

All completeness of the Registration Requirements, please ensure they are complete when they arrive at UMS Pharmacy.

Requirements for the toefl certificate must be ITP or can toefl like? Today's administration is open or holiday? by Afni Nur.

For the Toefl Certificate, it does not have to be ITP, we will accept anything. Ums administration is open every day starting at 8-14 (2 pm), except Sundays and national holidays.

Is it permissible to register a Pharmacist Professional using SKL?

Mohon maaf, syarat pendaftran Prodi Profesi Apoteker mutlak Ijazah. Tidak akan diproses jika menggunakan SKL.

Can I represent the registration of the Pharmacist Professional Study Program? by Aulia Maulida

Because in the registration process there will be a photo session for the test card, then the registration cannot be represented.