Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb.

Following up the Chancellor Circular Letter Number 350 / A.2-II / BR / VI / 2020, considering the situation related to the prevention of covid-19 virus spread and the implementation of the academic calendar 2019/2020, the implementation of the final semester (UAS) even semester 2019/2020 is regulated with the following conditions:



  1. E-UAS will be held on July 6-18, 2020 according to the schedule that has been validated through the account of each participant in the course.
  2. Examinees MUST ensure the availability of facilities and personal attention to be able to do the online exam.
  3. Examinees MUST ensure that they have joined and can access to the Subjects which are tested on the Schoology application. The tested subjects was the same as the subjects at the time of the implementation of e-UTS, except for the MK Practicum.
  4. Practicum Subject’s access code, will be announced later through the website Participants are requested to join immediately, using the access code that has been informed with a maximum deadline of Friday July 3, 2020. The access code will be reset after this deadline for administrative checking by the committee.
    Here the access code :
    Nama MK PraktikumWaktu UjianKode Akses
    Praktikum Kimia AnalisisSelasa, 7 Juli 2020VWD3-8TTD-9X6HQ
    Praktikum FarmakologiRabu, 15 Juli 2020J6QM-7JC9-NMJ9V
    Praktikum Biologi MolekulerRabu, 15 Juli 2020BPBH-F94P-G5C5T
    Praktikum Farmasetika 2Rabu, 15 Juli 2020QJ5C-46GP-R2SWT
    Praktikum Kimia FisikaKamis, 16 Juli 20209KCF-6SD2-R5PXK
    Praktikum FTS 1Kamis, 16 Juli 2020K3K9-WNJH-6KS7C
    Praktikum Farmakoterapi 1Kamis, 16 Juli 2020K342-6GK9-PJDJK
  5. The default Participant Login is, First Name: Full Name, Last Name: NIM (without brackets and other accessories).

Full Name : Fulanah binti Fulan
NIM : K10017000
then the participant login is Fulanah binti Fulan K10017000

Examinee whose not fill their identity account name certainty then their account will be removed from that Course exam.

  1. The joined participant, must upload their Test Cards to Schoology for each followed course at the serve folder named UAS 2019-2. The deadline for uploading the Test Cards in each followed course is Saturday 4th July 2020. The Test Cards can be downloaded by yourself from using your own account for it.
  2. Process of Uploading Test Card is A MUST to get access the Course exam questions. Consequence for cannot access the Course exam causing by not uploading the Test Cards yet, will be the examinee’s responsibility.
  3. Every exam of a subject will be shown every day during exam time at 8 a.m. If there is 3 exams subject in that day, then thats 3 subjects will be shown in once at 8 a.m.
  4. The deadline for collecting exam results follows the time settings in each course. Please examine participants to pay attention to the submission deadline of each course.

Good luck on preparing the Final Exam, hopefully you will get satisfying results. Please follow the information updates related to e-UAS through the website

May us are all always in health conditions so that we can do our activities as usual. Aamiin.


Manual E-UAS for Mahasiswa

Manual E-UTS forMahasiswa

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb

Here the scedule of e-UAS Prodi S1 Farmasi 6 Juli – 16 juli 2020

NoHari/tanggalJam KeMata Kuliah
1Senin, 6 Juli 20201Farmakokinetika Dasar
2Kimia Organik II
3Komunikasi dan Edukasi Obat
2Selasa, 7 Juli 20201Farmasetika II
2Sistem Pengobatan Sendiri
3Analisis Farmasi
4Praktikum Kimia Analisis
3Rabu, 8 Juli 20201Farmakologi Molekuler
2Biologi Molekuler
3Kimia Fisika
4Kamis, 9 Juli 20201FTS Solid
3Farmakoterapi I
4Farmasi Klinis
5Jum'at, 10 Juli 20201Farmakognosi II
2Metodologi Penelitian
2Standardized Test Preparation
3Manajemen Dasar
6Sabtu, 11 Juli 20201Kewirausahaan
3Farmakoterapi Terapan
3Rancangan Obat
7Senin, 13 Juli 20201Bahan Alam Kelautan
1Nano Teknologi
8Selasa, 14 Juli 20201Kimia Analisis
2Fitoterapi Dasar
3Bahasa Indonesia
9Rabu, 15 Juli 20201Praktikum Farmakologi
2Praktikum Biologi Molekuler
3Praktikum Farmasetika II
10Kamis, 16 Juli 20201Praktikum Kimia Fisika
2Praktikum FTS I
3Praktikum Farmakoterapi I